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Pre-Primary School

An RBIS, founded and ideated this well-known system. At Ralla Bella , inspired by this system, we initiate learning at 2 years and 10 months of age. Under the guidance of special Montessori-trained teachers and enveloped in the warmth of their individual attention, the child will work with stimulating materials, develop concentration and a love for learning.

Some salient features of an Ralla Bella Pre-Primary Montessori environment are:

  • Children are divided into categories like babies, sub-juniors, juniors and seniors depending on their age group.
  • Each section is called an environment.
  • It is a multi-age group, based on the Montessori philosophy that older children set an example and often share learnings with their younger counterparts.
  • The Montessori system develops a sense of responsibility and independence in children.
  • Activity based learning is the essence of this methodology.
  • A daily routine of prayer time, brain-gym time, rhyme time, work time and play time, is established right at the beginning of the session.
  • Colour days (children and teachers come to school dressed in the colour of the day) are observed with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Festivals, events, annual days, grandparent's day etc are also observed according to the school calendar.
  • Music is an inherent part of the pre-primary routine.
  • Great emphasis is also laid on developing a love for books through the school reading program. A special time is allocated for reading, storytelling and activities to build their comprehension, spelling and appreciation for the written word.
  • To improve motor skills and focus on the importance of play and learning, our Montessori children spend a designated amount of time enjoying themselves at the school sandpit.
  • Gardening is also a vital part of their weekly schedule.

Primary School

The RBIS primary school curriculum is aimed at creating social awareness and all-round development focussing on physical, intellectual, social, emotional and value-based learning experiences. At Ralla Bella, we enable the child to make associations, build conceptual connections, collaborate on creative projects and derive great joy in learning.

The curriculum is divided into scholastic areas and co-scholastic areas. Scholastic areas include subjects such as English, second Languages, Math, Science and Social Studies. The educators at Ralla Bella utilize a variety of teaching aids and methods in the course of classroom interactions. Use of flashcards, board games, experiments, fun activities, word games, puzzles, dumb-charades, role-play, audio-visual room equipment, group projects, individual projects, and field trips help students enhance their intellectual skills. Students are posed with questions that help them relate concepts to their day to day experiences right from the primary school level. Ralla Bella educators update themselves through training sessions and workshops constantly and strive to maintain high standards of achieving their educational goals.

The Ralla Bella learner is encouraged to ask questions, think and apply their knowledge at all times. At the primary school level, students develop collaboration skills through participation in group activities. Each academic year consists of two semesters. The assessment pattern is based on monthly reviews and parameters such as speaking skills, writing skills, reading skills, listening skills, home assignments, group projects and application of various concepts through worksheets and project based learning.

High School

Welcome to the High School Section of Ralla Bella International School! Ralla Bella's high school curriculum challenges students to understand and apply learning to the world around them. The scholastic areas in the high school curriculum delve into deeper content knowledge in the areas of English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Languages Second, Third and ICT Education. State-of-the-art laboratories in areas of Science, Mathematics and Social Studies enable students to get hands-on experience.

All Ralla Bella follow a common curriculum till Grade X. Built with clear objectives and academic benchmarks, the curriculum prepared students for the challenges of senior school and competitive exams. Ralla Bella educators use a combination of teaching methodologies in the course of classroom interaction. They include experiments, word games and puzzles, dumb-charades, role-plays, the use of audio-visual room equipment, presentations, group discussions, group projects, individual projects and field trips.

Co-scholastic areas of the curriculum include physical education, environmental education and music. Students actively participate in competitions both intra-school and inter-school. They are encouraged to take part in external examinations like the Olympiads. Special events like elocutions, debates, quizzes, story writing and poetry writing are conducted throughout the year to help students enhance their literary skills and self confidence.

Campus - 1

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